BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Reportedly Leaves Group — YG Entertainment Responds

She reportedly left for personal reasons.

BABYMONSTER‘s Ahyeon is reportedly not debuting with the group.

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On November 15, News1 reported that Ahyeon from BABYMONSTER will not be debuting with the group. The report states that the trainee has been left off the final debuting group and that only six members will be debuting. The report left open the possibility of Ahyeon rejoining the group at a later date, but stated she would not be debuting with the other members.

This comes as a shock to fans, as Ahyeon is a highly-touted trainee, who many consider as the second-coming of BLACKPINK icon Jennie. When asked to confirm the news, YG Entertainment avoided directly confirming.

We will tell you at a later date.

— YG Entertainment

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: news1