BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Gains Attention With Pre-Debut Pictures And Videos Circulating Online

Fans commented on how Ahyeon shares an uncanny resemblance to a handful of her sunbae idols!

YG Entertainment kicked off 2023 with a bang: A new girl group named BABYMONSTER will be making its debut soon, and the level of excitement among K-Pop fans is running high!

Following the teaser that garnered international attention, alleged member Ahyeon has gone viral with her “pre-debut” pictures circulating on the internet.

BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon | @ah_MYkitten/Twitter

While nothing has been verified by YG Entertainment, all pictures are said to be of the “member in a red shirt” from the teaser.


Said to be born in April 2007, Ahyeon (or Jung Ahyeon) is being considered an “all-rounder”…

| @ah_MYkitten/Twitter
| @ah_MYkitten/Twitter
| @ah_MYkitten/Twitter

…with an admission ticket to the prestigious Hanlim Arts High School!

| @ah_MYkitten/Twitter

An Instagram post from a theatrical Performance Group Jiwoo shared Ahyeon (far left) dancing to (G)I-DLE‘s “TOMBOY” on stage…

…while a YouTube video from Ahyeon’s middle school in Chuncheon, Gangwon captured her performing an Anne-Marie song, “2002,” for a talent show.

There are some footage of Ahyeon in her childhood also being circulated. Based on these videos, the member is thought to be able to speak Chinese and English as well!

In addition to praising Ahyeon’s potential, K-Pop fans online commented on how the star-in-the-making shares an uncanny resemblance to a handful of her sunbae idols!

| theqoo
  • “I see SISTAR‘s Dasom.”
  • “I don’t think I’m the only one who sees Kim Garam and Huh Yunjin.”
  • “She’s a mix of Kim Garam and Huh Yunjin.”
  • “I see a bit of Jennie, Yunjin, and even Rosé.”
  • “Wow, she’s gorgeous.”
  • “A 07-liner… She’s young.”
  • “I see a little bit of Jennie, Kim Garam, Huh Yunjin, and actress Kim Ji Won. She’s super charming!”

| theqoo
  • “I see LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin + Kim Garam + APRIL‘s Chaewon + TWICE‘s Jihyo. Somewhat ethnic?”
  • “Whoa, I definitely see Yunjin. She has gorgeous features. So pretty!”
  • “Huh Yunjin + Kim Garam, for sure.”
  • “Since the teaser came out… I guess people are sharing all kinds of pre-debut pictures.”
  • “Wow, I see it! I see Huh Yunjin, Kim Garam, and even actress Go Yoon Jung.”
  • “I think she’s 70% Kim Garam and 30% Huh Yunjin.”

| theqoo
  • “For sure… There’s a Go Yoon Jung vibe.”
  • “So beautiful!”
  • “I thought I saw Kim Garam in the teaser video, TBH. She’s like a twin.”
  • “Hey, I thought I saw Jennie + Huh Yunjin, too! I’m glad we’re all seeing the same thing.”
  • “I see all of them. Jennie. Kim Garam. Huh Yunjin.”
  • “Good to know I’m not the only one who sees Kim Garam.”
  • “Isn’t there a bit of Dasom, too?”

Meanwhile, some K-Pop fans are concerned that BABYMONSTER members might be “too young” for debuting.


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Source: @ah_MYkitten, @Sunright, @378eie and theqoo


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