Two BABYMONSTER Members Attend Their First Day At Hanlim Art High School, And One Impresses Netizens With Her Outstanding Academic Achievements

It also marks the members’ first public appearance!

In 2023, netizens have been sharing excitement as YG Entertainment has been revealing the members of their new group Babymonster.

BABYMONSTER introduction | YG Entertainment/YouTube

| YG Entertainment/YouTube   

On March 2, two of the members gained attention after making what seems like their first public appearance since the lineup was revealed after having their first day at Hanlim Multi Art School.

Over the years, some of the top idols have attended and graduated from the school…

ITZY’s Ryujin

ASTRO’s Sanha

ITZY’s Tzuyu and Chaeyeong

From Babymonster, all eyes were on members Haram and Ahyeon, who celebrated their first day at the prestigious school.

The duo gained attention after their introduction videos were introduced. While Haram has been praised for her vocals…

Haram’s introduction | BABYMONSTER/YouTube


Ahyeon’s stunning visuals and charisma caught the attention of netizens even before she was officially announced and even more after realizing how talented she was.

Ahyeon’s introduction | BABYMONSTER/YouTube


While there only seemed to be solo photos of Ahyeon, who unsurprisingly stole the hearts of fans with her visuals…

| @forbabymonster/Twitter

| @forbabymonster/Twitter

The duo together truly radiated fresh and innocent vibes in their uniforms. Considering this is the first time they’ve had a chance to interact with fans, the members truly oozed star power and took to the photos like professionals.

| @forbabymonster/Twitter

| @forbabymonster/Twitter

Yet, aside from gaining attention for their presence during their first real public appearance after the group debuted, one of the members gained attention for their impressive achievement.

Like many schools, Hanlim offers scholarships to those with exceptional talent. According to sources online, Haram is majoring in the Applied Music Department at Hanlim and is there under a scholarship. Although any scholarship is impressive, at Hanlim, there are only six departments at Hanlim, and only one person is picked from each.

After the news was shared online, netizens couldn’t hide their pride at the young idol and everything she had achieved. As one of the top schools in Korea for performing arts, Haram must truly be outstanding to achieve a scholarship.

With no debut date yet set for the members, it isn’t surprising that all the teasers have fans excited about what to expect from the group.