BABYMONSTER’s Overwhelming Popularity Over ILLIT Sparks Heated Debate

BABYMONSTER’s stock is rising fast!

BABYMONSTER and ILLIT‘s respective scores on a music show are going viral.

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On April 18, a post titled “Are These ILLIT BABYMONSTER Scores Real???” went viral.

In the post, the author uploaded the real-time votes tally for BABYMONSTER and ILLIT on M Countdown. In the photo, BABYMONSTER could be seen leading ILLIT by a shocking amount. Although the group won the fan votes, it was ILLIT who won this week’s contest.

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The post follows BABYMONSTER’s recent rise in popularity. The group has seen its stock skyrocket off the strength of their incredible live performances.

BABYMONSTER’s Live Performances Spark Comparisons To LE SSERAFIM Amid Coachella Woes

Netizens reacted to the post, with many defending ILLIT, citing the group’s commercial success, while others praised BABYMONSTER’s live vocal skills.

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  • “At the end of the day, album sales are what is most important for idols. ILLIT is a massive success and they even charted on Billboard.”
  • “ILLIT hit it big as soon as they debuted and are killing it in both domestic and international markets. Who cares about domestic numbers when they are obviously going to become stars?”

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  • “I’m not a fan, but I voted because I wanted to see BABYMONSTER’s encore stage.”
  • “I realized that there are a lot of people wanting to see BABYMONSTER’s encore stage, lol. Including me.”
  • “There were a lot of people who voted to see BABYMONSTER’s encore stage.”
  • “I guess album sales and popularity don’t go hand in hand.”

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  • “I really think their popularity isn’t deserved.”
  • “Wow, all the top comments have changed (to support ILLIT). This is crazy, lol.”
  • I’m seriously sick of HYBE…”

What are your thoughts?

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