Netizens Share Lukewarm Reactions To BABYMONSTER’s First Dance Performance Video

Is YG style outdated?

Earlier today, YG Entertainment released the first dance performance video for their highly anticipated upcoming girl group, BABYMONSTER. The video includes five of the seven members — RukaHaramAsaRora, and Ahyeon — dancing an original hip-hop style choreography by Lee Jung Lee to “Senile” by Young Money ft. TygaNicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.

It seems that the video might have been filmed a year or so ago, according to some, since Lee Jung Lee originally released herself dancing to her choreography in 2021.

The members do seem very young in the clip, but if the rumors about their birth years are true, then most of them are still young!

Overall, reactions to the choreography video are actually pretty mixed. Some people think that the girls did well and appear to be well-synchronized and talented dancers, especially if it was further back in their trainee period.

Others, however, think that their dancing isn’t quite up to par with other currently popular rookie girl groups, and wonder if they’ve become cleaner since this video was apparently recorded.

Their young age is still a common topic of discussion among netizens as well, with some thinking they’re too young to pull off a “cool” hip-hop concept like this.

Still others criticize the choreography and styling itself, and feel like it’s too outdated for the modern era of K-Pop.

How do you feel about the direction that BABYMONSTER seems to be heading?

Source: The Qoo, Pann Choa and Reddit


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