BAE173’s Nam Dohyon Officially Files Lawsuit To Suspend His Contract With PocketDol Studio

He wants out of his company.

BAE173‘s Nam Dohyon has filed a lawsuit against his company, PocketDol Studio, to terminate his contract.

According to an exclusive report from News1, Nam Dohyon recently filed an injunction against PocketDol Studio to suspend his exclusive contract with the company. The first day of questioning regarding the lawsuit was scheduled to be on April 12, but was changed to April 26 and proceeded without issue.

Nam Dohyon filed the injunction due to differing views with the company regarding how the company fulfilled their obligations of the exclusive contract. The decision to suspend the contract or to leave the contract as-is is expected to be made in late May or early June.

PocketDol Studio has confirmed they are in a legal dispute with Nam Dohyon with their short statement.

It is true we are in a dispute [with Nam Dohyon].

— PocketDol Studio

Nam Dohyon first participated in MBC survival show Under Nineteen, placing 42nd. He then participated in Produce X 101, finishing 8th place and earning a spot in the short-lived X1. Following X1, he and fellow X1 member Hangyul promoted for a short time as a duo unit. He finally debuted with BAE173 in November 2020.

Source: News1
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