Baek A Yeon Reveals The Dumbfounding Way Her Ex-Fling Went MIA On Her

That man is probably regretting it now.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners, singer Baek A Yeon made the shocking revelation that her 2015 song, “Shouldn’t Have” is based on a personal experience that left her dumbfounded.

Regarding the hit song, Baek A Yeon shared that it contains a real experience that she endured herself.

And it has to do with her ex-fling and how he went MIA.

After my ex-fling dropped me off at home and even hugged me, he just disappeared on me. I was so dumbfounded.

— Baek A Yeon

In response, Park Myung Soo joked that maybe there was a reason behind it.

Do you think there was an issue with you? Like maybe you were smelly that day.

— Park Myung Soo

Baek A Yeon (Right) | EDEN Entertainment

Meanwhile, Kim Yong Man offered Baek A Yeon words of comfort.

He’s probably regretting it hard right now.

— Kim Yong Man

| @ayeoniiiiii/Instagram

The 2015 song, “Shouldn’t Have” received overwhelming love for its relatable lyrics such as “I want to ask you, what did I mean to you?“, “I liked you, but I guess you didn’t“, and “If you were going to do this, you shouldn’t have hugged me after taking me home“.

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Check out the emotional MV of “Shouldn’t Have” below:

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