Baek Ji Young Reveals Just How Much Bang Si Hyuk Had Faith In BTS Before They Even Debuted

Bang Si Hyuk was so sure of BTS way before they even debuted!

Baek Ji Young appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, where she recalled back to one of her older hits, “My Ear’s Candy”. When she revealed that BigHit‘s Bang Si Hyuk actually made the song, Yoo Hee Yeol claimed that she was Bang Si Hyuk’s BTS at the time“.


She then went on to reveal the moment she was amazed by Bang Si Hyuk when she called him about another possible collaboration.

As Baek Ji Young turned to singing mostly ballads, like “As If Shot By A Gun” (another hit collab between Bang Si Hyuk and she), Bang Si Hyuk explained that he can no longer write ballads for her since he was focusing entirely on BTS who is a dance group.

That was around the time when Si Hyuk oppa was preparing BTS. I thought he was so amazing because he said, ‘Ji Young, I will write you as many dance songs as you want from now on but I can no longer focus on the feelings necessary to write ballads.

We cooly ended it at, ‘Okay, I’ll contact you if I ever need a dance song.’ And he never worked on ballads after that.

— Baek Ji Young


From his words, Baek Ji Young could tell just how much trust he had in BTS even before they debuted.

At the time, BigHit was a very small company with little funds. Although he could have used the money coming in from Baek Ji Young’s ballads, Bang Si Hyuk chose BTS over immediate money.

He didn’t have all of that money back then so he most probably needed the income from the ballads I sang.

But even so, he had set up his mind. I think that’s absolutely brilliant!

— Baek Ji Young


And after focusing entirely on BTS, his dedications definitely pulled through much more than he could have ever have imagined! But that’s what happens when you combine the energy of 7 talented musicians and a devoted producer!


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Source: My Daily