Baek Ji Young responds to criticisms for her word of support to MC Mong

Baek Ji Young is one of the many artists who has been criticized after publicly supporting MC Mong‘s return on her SNS account, and has responded to netizens’ criticism.

On November 3rd, Baek Ji Young posted on her Instagram, “You’ve been through a very hard time Mong. Take all the compliments as well as criticisms to heart and turn it all into music. Your anxiety, regret, love, tears, exhaustion, loneliness, and depression, let’s put all that in and thank the people. I won’t congratulate you yet because it is just the beginning, but I am and always will be your nuna.”

However, similarly to Haha, who also posted words of encouragements to MC Mong, netizens took to Baek Ji Young’s Instagram to express their distaste towards her latest backing post, stating she should not be cheering for the artist.

The popular female soloist replied to them, leaving a post reading, “I’m sorry if it bothered you, but it was an act of courage on my part for someone I consider my dongsaeng, so please be understanding.”

Despite netizens showing their displeasure towards MC Mong’s return in light of his military evasion case four years ago, the rapper’s album DISS ME OR MISS ME has completely taken over charts with all 13 tracks taking the top 13 spots on real-time charts.

Source: Osen