Baek Yerin Criticized For Inappropriate Attitude Towards Fans

“…there are always those who just cross the line.”

Singer Baek Yerin has been criticized by some netizens for a comment she made towards some of her fans.

On May 5, Baek Yerin shared a long post on her Instagram explaining why she did not release her song “Square”. “Square” is a track that she performed at a music festival in 2017, which received more than 4 million views on YouTube and was a big hit among her fans.

I hope you understand that I can’t just release a song because I want to. There are so many things that must be considered. I think a lot has changed including the music I like, the emotions I feel when I sing and even me.

ㅡ Baek Yerin


She continued to explain the disappointment she felt after seeing some fans who were disappointed that she was not performing “Square”.

If I don’t sing that song on stage, there are a few people in the audience who blatantly sigh even when I’m standing there preparing for my next song and I simply cannot focus. I do understand that they may have done it because they loved the song so much and was sad but I was also very disappointed and sad. Someday, even if it’s later, I assume I’ll release the song?

ㅡ Baek Yerin


She thanked her fans for their support and love but also carefully asked them to refrain from being rude by only demanding that one song.

I can’t make everyone understand but I’ve written this long post to those who love me in hopes that we can share many good stories. But to the rude people, I’d like to make it clear that those are the people who take away my desire to release (the song)!

ㅡ Baek Yerin


Baek Yerin later revealed a screenshot of messages from some fans and said, “I asked for your understanding through this long post and yet there are always those who still just cross the line.”


Some netizens have been criticizing Baek Yerin for being too harsh on fans who simply love her music and for calling them out publicly.

Meanwhile, Baek Yerin released her 2nd solo mini album Our Love is Great in March, which was her first comeback in 2 years and 3 months.


Watch Baek Yerin’s performance of “Square” below:

Source: Dispatch