Baekhyun, Mark, And Taeyong Called Out For “Colorist” Remarks Toward Lucas—Here’s What Really Happened

Considering the situation, their words toward Lucas weren’t as they seemed.

Comments made by SuperM‘s Baekhyun, Mark, and Taeyong in episode seven of their reality show MTOPIA have come into the spotlight for allegedly being “colorist” towards Lucas. Here’s what really went down in the clip that had some attacking the members in Lucas’s defense.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

On their way to their next destination, SuperM rode in style by getting into a limousine. When Taeyong settled into his seat, he noticed something strange about the lighting in the vehicle. “You know what’s funny? Because that side has no lighting…

Though Taeyong wasn’t able to finish the thought because he found it so funny, Mark did.

Because there seemed to be something outside that was blocking light, Mark stated that it was hard to see the area of the limousine where Lucas was sitting: “I can’t see Lucas’s side because it’s so dim.” That’s when Baekhyun commented as well.

Taking the joke further, Baekhyun said, “Lucas is hard to see.” While the comment was logical in the sense that dim lighting makes it harder for anyone to be seen clearly, some interpreted it with a deeper meaning.

Since Lucas is one of the members with a darker skin tone along with Kai—who noticeably didn’t laugh along with the rest of the members—it was viewed by some as an opportunity for them to make fun of that.

That sparked colorism claims, in addition to the fact that Taeyong mentioned the “side” of the car rather than the corner, which would’ve meant that Taemin and Baekhyun were also in the area of poor lighting without being joked about.

In the context of the situation, though, it appeared that Taeyong, Mark, and Baekhyun were only commenting on the lack of lighting in Lucas’s corner.