Ballad Singer Huh Gak Comes Back After A 30kg Weightloss

Here’s how he did it.

Back in 2013, Huh Gak claimed that he could finish 30 sets of hamburgers in an hour’s sitting. This year, he has finally lost a total of 30kg (66 lbs), after going through an intense weightloss program, right before his comeback.

The program was sponsored by JUVIS, a diet firm that has helped many other K-Pop singers lose huge amounts of weight, including Super Junior‘s Shindong. Here is how he looked before, when he weighed 93kg (205 lbs).


Through a mixture of good dietary habits, exercise, and the treatments provided by the firm, he was able to shed a total of 30kg (66lbs), putting him at 63kg (138 lbs) finally. The diet is said to include reducing carb intake, eating mostly raw or clean foods, and consistent exercise.


Through the diet program, he found better stability in health – he was said to have had thyroid cancer previously, explaining his long hiatus.


On his new song release, Huh Gak explains that the song is a farewell song that features guitar sounds and a soft rhythm. Paired with refreshing high notes and a clear voice, he reveals that it is a good song for the late summer and he has been practicing hard to let fans hear this song.

Huh Gak made a stellar comeback to the music scene on the 27th of August 2020, with his new single, “Without You”. The music video features VICTON‘s Subin. Check it out below.

Source: Chosun