Ballad Singer, Sung Si Kyung Is “Off Limits” To School Bullies — Here Are The Reasons Why

This is quite surprising.

In the midst of the numerous ongoing bullying allegations, one celebrity in particular is being labeled as “untouchable.” The person that netizens believe is off limits from school bullying or violence is none other than ballad singer, Sung Si Kyung.

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On multiple online communities, netizens have all come to an unanimous conclusion that the ballad singer is invincible to iljins, or school bullies for numerous different reasons. It was during his 2011 appearance on the MBC variety show, The Knee Drop Guru, that Sung Si Kyung revealed a personal story about his childhood and this is where his “untouchable” nickname began.

I would ride my motorcycle and go to the library. I had a bit of a rebellious stage.

— Sung Si Kyung

Netizens quickly started gathering more “evidence” of why so-called iljins would probably refuse to bully someone like Sung Si Kyung. His height, his family wealth, his intelligence and his singing talent are the main reasons that were listed.

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  • “His tall height, his physique, he’s good at academics and he’s good at singing.”
  • “And his family is wealthy.”
  • “He also boxes.”
  • “School bullies are all stupid so they only choose the weak ones to pick on. They have an eye for weak people.”
  • “For real. Sung Si Kyung is one of the elites that every school has. Usually they’re bad at soccer, but good at basketball. They’re tall, have a good physique, are handsome and wear glasses. They usually rank well and are good at English. They are typically quiet so you would never know, but then you find out their parents are rich.”
  • “I don’t know about singing, but usually if you have a good physique and you’re smart, school bullies won’t bother you.”

Sung Si Kyung is famously known for his remarkable intelligence within the entertainment industry. He frequently shows off his impressive English abilities, even though it is not his first language. The ballad singer is also known for his noticeably tall height. He stands at 6’2, which is quite tall for a South Korean male. The average height for a Korean man is listed at 5’8, which makes Sung Si Kyung 6 inches taller than the national average.

Sung Shi Kyung (right) doing “manner legs” to even out the height between him and his co-hosts | Star News

The singer also previously made headlines for his family life. His father went to the highly coveted Seoul National University and is famously known for working at Samsung. His dad has been frequently referred to as, “Samsung Man” on different variety programs. His mother also attended the very prestigious Ewha Women’s University, which is a highly sought after college for Korean women. To add onto his already impressive list, Sung Si Kyung is also known to have grown up in Gangnam. Amongst the numerous wealthy cities in South Korea, Gangnam has quickly become the hub of wealth and expensive real estate.


Due to these numerous factors, it seems that netizens agree that Sung Si Kyung is not the type of person iljins would have messed with in school.

Bullying should never be tolerated nor will there ever be a justifiable reason behind it.

Source: WikiTree, JoongAng Daily and Star Daily News