Balming Tiger Spills On Working With BTS’s RM And How The “Sexy Nukim” Collaboration Began

The group details their experience working with BTS’s talented leader.

Balming Tiger‘s anticipated collaboration with BTS‘s RM was officially released, and it didn’t disappoint.

The promotional teaser for Balming Tiger’s “Sexy Nukim” feat. BTS’s RM | @balmingtiger/Instagram

Fans were already looking forward to the exciting collaboration after the release of the first trailer by the musical collective Balming Tiger, which was formed in 2018.

When asked how the group would describe themselves, they answered, “[a] ‘multi-national alternative K-pop band,’ which is challenging in terms of what genre that actually is, but that’s intentional. Our members don’t want to be limited or defined by one specific genre.

Members of Balming Tiger, hyukoh, and BTS’s RM | @balmingtiger/Instagram

The excitement for the song’s release was well worth it, as “Sexy Nukim” exceeded expectations and allowed RM’s creative lyrical abilities to shine even more.

The song was performed by Balming Tiger members BJ WNJNOmega Sapien, and Mudd the Student. BTS’s RM is the first artist outside of the musical collective to be invited to feature on one of their songs. One might attribute that decision to the fact that RM is the leader of one of the most sought-after musical groups in the world, but ARMYs will know the choice was deeper than that. Balming Tiger recently expanded on their decision in an interview with DIY Magazine and shared what it was like working with the humble leader of BTS.

| @balmingtiger/Instagram

When asked what inspired them to collaborate with an artist outside of their group, they said it came about naturally when creating the song. Though the members of Balming Tiger agreed they were the best fit to perform the songs they had made so far, this was an instance where they felt RM would convey his part of the song best.

…there was a part we thought only RM could do while we were making a group song, and we asked him through an acquaintance around us.

— Balming Tiger

As a fellow creative, RM loved the song and agreed to add his verse. Balming Tiger couldn’t have been more impressed with RM’s work ethic and talent, stating that they used the first set of lyrics he sent back and agreed with the rap flow RM had created for the verse.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

Balming Tiger described RM as humble and charming, which echoes the sentiments of others who have met and worked with the talented leader.

…he’s a man of such a humble, charming personality, we’ve been able to have fun throughout our work with him.

— Balming Tiger

The musical group concluded that they all drew inspiration from each other in the creative process, and they knew they made the right choice working with RM. “RM’s part in this song could never be replaced by anyone else.

Check out the cinematic music video for “Sexy Nukim” below!

Source: DIY and i-D