BTS’s RM Proves The Power Of His Pen Game By Taking Down ARMYs With This One Line On “Sexy Nukim”

He took no hostages in the purple village.

BTS fans were already in distress when the teaser of Balming Tiger‘s song “Sexy Nukim” featuring RM came out. Now that the song has been officially released, ARMYs are fighting for their lives.

There are many amusing sides of this feature that could be a discussion on their own, for example, the part in the music video where RM crushes a toy Ferrari with his bicycle or how he has incorporated BTS into his solo feature. But what has got ARMYs riled up the most is this one line from the song where RM goes, “While we do the ride/ I’ll paint you tonight.” He follows it up with, “Ain’t gotta DM/ ‘Cause you heard about my team.”

There is no denying that there is some serious sexual tension present in those lines, and ARMYs detected it pretty much immediately. Though people already expected this feature to bring out the sexy side of RM, it looks like nobody expected it to be this fatal.

While most ARMYs were busy losing their minds over that line, some managed to get to work and analyze the verse from a different perspective. Some also paused to appreciate his ability to fit right into any genre or sound as a rapper.

Given the repertoire of RM as a songwriter who likes to play with symbols and create new meanings out of existing expressions and words, it is highly possible that he wrote his verse on this song keeping this dual layer of meaning in mind. There is, after all, a reason why he is known as the “sexy-brained leader of BTS.”