GOT7 BamBam Will Open A Café In Thailand

Get ready to visit and chill in a new café in Thailand owned and ran by GOT7‘s BamBam and his family!

About a week ago, GOT7’s BamBam shared a photo of a mural and announced that his family’s café called “B’Chill” will be opening soon!

On the mural, there are drawings of food, GOT7’s lightstick logo, drawings all four siblings, a calendar with Bambam’s birthday circled, and GOT7’s fandom name “AHGASE (iGOT7).”

Bambam recently gave fans another sneak peek of the café by uploading a photo of its exterior on Twitter.

Those who follow BamBam’s younger sister on Instagram were able to get a better glimpse of what the first and second floor of the café looked on her story.

For those who missed it, videos of the first and second floor of the café were uploaded online!

According to BamBam, the restaurant should be opening mid-May! He also mentioned that his mom will be the main chef.

The motto of the café is “We Are Family,” signifying the tight bond within BamBam’s family.

Considering the fact that Bambam bought his mom a new house, his younger sister a new car, and is now helping them open a new café, many could tell what a filial son he is!

Here are some photos of the dishes they will be serving in the near future!

In other news, BTS‘s Suga‘s mom also recently opened a restaurant in Daegu, Korea a couple months ago!