BamBam Gets Kwon Eunbi A Savage “Gift” After Calling Her Teeth Yellow On TV

The chaos started two months ago…

GOT7’s BamBam and soloist Kwon Eunbi might seem like a random duo to some fans, but in reality, they have one of the most chaotic dynamics among K-Pop idols.

BamBam | @bambam1a/Instagram
Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Though seeing these two interact on screen is not that easy, BamBam appeared on Eunbi’s YouTube show, Line-crossing Maebjjiri, this September. During the episode, the duo showed off their bestie chemistry, constantly bickering and pulling each other’s leg.

| @studio_usog/YouTube

During their chaotic conversation, BamBam described his ideal type, saying he likes cute and easy-going women. Eunbi teased him, implying he was talking about her.

When BamBam denied it fiercely and said he liked women in yellow, Eunbi again pointed at her yellow-ish outfit, asking, “That’s me?” Being the sassy guy he is, BamBam responded by asking if she was talking about her teeth.

The hilarious moment went viral back then, but BamBam recently decided to reprise it on his own YouTube show, Bam’s House. In the latest episode of the show, Eunbi appeared as a guest, and right off the bat, their interaction started with the same chaotic energy.

BamBam immediately brought up the viral “yellow teeth” moment and even asked if they had gotten whiter.

Eunbi, flustered, said in her defense that she hadn’t had any whitening procedures done, which is why her teeth had a natural yellow tint. But BamBam brought out a three-pack of whitening toothpaste as a gift to Eunbi, which Eunbi defeatedly accepted.

BamBam then consoled Eunbi, accepting that he had just been teasing her all along. But she responded laughing, “Then why give me these?”

When a staff member asked Eunbi if BamBam is always teasing her like this, she replied that he does it even more off-camera. But BamBam added that Eunbi is the one who teases him even more!

Seeing idols of the opposite sex interact freely with each other has become increasingly difficult in K-Pop due to mindless scandals. Amidst that environment, BamBam and Eunbi’s dynamic is a breath of fresh air!