A Bang Chan Moment From Stray Kids’ “★★★★★ (5-STAR)” Trailer Is Going Viral

The fanarts are incredible!

Yesterday, Stray Kids released a trailer for their upcoming album, ★★★★★ (5-STAR), which is set to release on June 2 at 1PM KST/0AM EST.

The video is already nearing four million views, showing just how much fans are anticipating the group’s next comeback!

The members all look amazing in the trailer, from Felix‘s handsome jumpscare at the beginning of the video to all eight of them looking like models on a runway at the end.

While each of the members have their own moments to shine in the trailer, one member in particular has been getting a lot of love online for how he appeared in the video: Bang Chan.

Looking like a crazed musician destroying pianos, the Stray Kids leader asks, “What?” while giving an inquisitive look at the camera. And unsurprisingly, it became a hit among fans.

Even though the trailer was only just released, this Bang Chan moment has already resulted in several incredible pieces of fanart!

Seriously, there are so many talented STAYs that have worked so fast on these!

There are also plenty of amazing fanarts of the other members in the trailer too!

We can’t see what else Stray Kids releases in the next month leading up to their comeback!

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