Bang Si Hyuk Hints At A Project For BTS In 2025 — And It Was A Promise Revealed By RM

It’s all about a special anniversary!

HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk shared some plans they have in store for BTS in 2025, and it was a huge project already hinted at by BTS’s RM.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, Bang Si Hyuk appeared in an interview for Bloomberg. During the interview, Bang Si Hyuk unsurprisingly spoke about the members’ contract renewal, and he seemed very happy and proud that BTS renewed with HYBE.

As a manager of the company and a musical label, for a company like HYBE, for such a great artist like BTS to choose us as a label again is very valuable and makes us very happy, and I became closer to the members during the contract process.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Along with the emotions behind the contract signing, Bang Si Hyuk brought up that 2015 saw BTS release an important album.

And you know in 2015 BTS released HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life album, an important album series for them to show their growth as artists, it reflected their lives & who they were, and the lives they were living.

— Bang Si Hyuk

The “I NEED U” music video from the album | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

For the HYBE founder, it was the album that helped them achieve global fame, and he explained that back in the day, they made a promise to create a special album for the tenth anniversary.

This became one of the springboards that launched them into their global stars, as a global band. When we were young and we were all working together, we said to each other to put on a tenth-anniversary album of the project.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Yet, it seems like this plan was something that would’ve still happened even if BTS hadn’t resigned. Bang Si Hyuk added that after the contract renewals, it was even more important for him to keep the promise.

Even if they hadn’t signed with us, they still would have released it, just not with us. They would have done it with someone else. But it’s very important to me to keep this promise and that we’re able to work together.

— Bang Si Hyuk

While the clip had fans emotional, it was even sweeter because it’s not the first time the project was mentioned. When BTS’s Suga started his Suchwita series, the first guest was RM.

During the video, when speaking about 2025, RM explained that most of the members would’ve completed their enlistment and that it was also important because of the album’s tenth anniversary.

He then explained they would try to keep the promise of a special project for the anniversary, just like Bang Si Hyuk had said.

As always, BTS always wants to give back to ARMYs, and even looking past their enlistment, the first thing they want to do is give back to the fans.

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Source: Bloomberg