Bang Si Hyuk Wins The Presidential Award For His Success With BTS

Bang Si Hyuk will be receiving the Presidential Award at the 2017 Korea Content Awards.

The award will recognize Bang Si Hyuk’s hard work in spreading K-Pop worldwide through BTS’s accomplishments.

The nominees for the award are screened by exclusively picked specialists in Korean pop-culture and arts.

Only after extensive and thorough research on their accomplishments this year, the winners are announced for this prestigious award.

Previous winners of the award were famous leaders such as the heads of Nexon Korea and NBC Universal Studios Japan.

Bang Si Hyuk will be joining the elite names as he receives the Presidential Award for 2017, thanks to all of his success gained from producing BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk commented on how BTS paved a new road in K-Pop this year at the 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong.

“Through their powerful fandom, BTS showed that it’s possible to emerge into the U.S. mainstream culture or even create a new mainstream culture that coexists together.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

This year alone, BTS has broken records as they made a permanent mark in K-Pop history.

BTS became the first Asian artist to break into “Billboard200” with 7th place.

They were the first to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards.

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Not to mention, they’ve taken U.S. by storm with their multiple appearance and performances!

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Congratulations to Bang PD and his grand achievements with BTS!

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