More Celebrities React To BTS’s “DNA” Performance At The 2017 AMAs

BTS got more celebrities talking after their jaw-dropping “DNA” stage at the 2017 American Music Awards. 

Their impressive performance got the likes of Jared Leto, Khalid, and more expressing their views on Twitter. 

(★BTS) Celebrities Reacting To “DNA” Performance at American Music Awards (AMA)

Jared Leto, who reacted on stage directly after their performance seemingly couldn’t get over it and gave another shoutout to them on Twitter over an image capture of his expression after BTS’s stage. 

Their appearance has even sparked questions about the possibility of BTS promoting on American radio shows, with one radio personality giving fans the hope of it happening! 

Access Hollywood called their stage the best performance of the night… 

While Khalid simply described them as “Legendary.” 

As the night progressed, even more celebrities got to meet BTS and tweeted excitedly about it. 

Laura Marano, who had met them before the show, was apparently blown away by their performance. 

Ansel Elgort and The Chainsmokers also gave shout-outs to BTS.

It seems like BTS is making a name for themselves in the US—they already have celebrity FANS!