Chinese Actress Goes Viral In South Korea For Gorgeous Visuals

Beauty crosses borders.

The 2023 Asia Contents Awards And Global OTT Awards recently took place in Busan on October 8, 2023. The event was graced by an international crowd of talents, with award nominees hailing from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even India and Vietnam. It was a visual feast for all, with gorgeous actors and actresses attending.

One particular star stood out for the Korean audience. Surprisingly, it was not a homegrown star that stole the show, but a gorgeous one from China. She was a guest host for the event and walked the red carpet in a stunning vision of cream satin.

Bao Shang En‘s clip went viral on the Korean side of Twitter, with over one million views. Many tried to find out more about the star…

Gasp, who is she? She’s so pretty.

— sowzero

…while others were simply in awe.

Yesterday, when I saw her walk the red carpet, she was so beautiful that before I knew it, I was clapping.

— Einwal73

Others began to doubt themselves.

Why don’t I look like this?

— lalnyeo

Many Korean fans began to post photos of Bao Shang En, spreading her beauty far and wide.

The young star was born in 2002.

But she has already starred in more than 11 different dramas and movies.

Her trendy looks and street style are famous in China.

We’d love to see more of her in Korean media!