Former B.A.P’s Himchan Discovered To Have Gotten Into An Accident Due To Drunk Driving … Despite Having Made A Solo Comeback The Day Before

He is still embroiled in the midst of a sexual harassment charge.

Former B.A.P‘s Himchan recently announced his comeback with a solo song that he had dedicated to fans. However, it was recently discovered by the police that Himchan was involved in an accident that was the result of drunk driving on 26 October 2020, just a day after his solo song was released.

According to media reports, he was driving along Gangnam after drinking at a place in the vicinity around 11.30pm on 26 October 2020. As he was under the influence of alcohol, he had crashed into a guard rail. It was reported that he was so drunk that his license could have been revoked immediately. Thankfully, there were no victims uncovered.

| T.S Entertainment

Himchan is still currently undergoing charges for sexual harassment. Back in July of 2018, Himchan was indicted without custody for allegedly sexually harassing female “A”. He claims that at the time, while there was no explicit consent from “A”, there was implied consent and nothing was forced. He admitted to touching her chest and kissing her but that there were no other forms of physical contact or forced sexual harassment.

B.A.P debuted in 2012 to a huge success. They had disbanded after their contracts were up with T.S Entertainment.

Source: DongA