B.A.P Jongup’s Fansite Posts A Fancam For The First Time In 7 Years — Jongup Responds

A dedicated fansite indeed.

B.A.P‘s career breaks the heart of many K-Pop fans. They made a highly successful debut in 2012, but faced mismanagement by their company. TS Entertainment did not pay them fairly and overworked the boys, resulting in the members suing the company. They returned to the company in 2015 after settling. Members Bang Yongguk and ZELO left the company in 2018 when their contracts expired, and the other members followed suit in 2019.

Although the members have since gone on their separate paths, member Moon Jongup has consistently been promoting in the industry. Recently, he participated in reboot survival program, Peak Time, as part of team 2400. With the finals for Peak Time held on April 19, 2023, Jongup’s longtime fansite, Let Me Up, returned from inactivity. After tuning in to the finals, they posted a fan cam as part of the live audience.

Let Me Up’s YouTube page. | LET ME UP/YouTube

The finals video is the first one they have posted from the videos page in seven years. The last video was from B.A.P’s concert in 2016. Fans weren’t the only ones glad to see the fansite’s revival. Jongup himself paid a visit to their page and left an endearing comment.

Long time no see.

— Jongup

In fact, the dedicated fansite master actually has been cheering him on since his first appearance on Peak Time.

Please vote for and show much interest in Team 2400’s Moon Jongup on jtbc’s Peak Time.

— Let Me Up

They totally deserve his comment on their video! Check out the iconic fancam below.

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