A Barnes & Noble In Connecticut Honors BTS RM’s Birthday In A Meaningful Way

Fans share their appreciation for the kind gesture.

BTS‘s RM was born on September 12, and birthday wishes from around the world are already pouring in for the group’s leader as different time zones reach his birthday.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

Fans have been showing their love and appreciation for BTS’s RM in a variety of different ways. Including heartfelt messages to the leader on Twitter…

… and ARMYs sharing some of their favorite memories and wise quotes from RM across social media.

Each post celebrating RM acknowledges all aspects of the idol that fans know and love. From BTS’s dependable leader, talented songwriter, and rapper to the man who enjoys reading, touring museums, appreciating art, and generally “Namjooning.”

RM taking a photo of an art piece at a gallery | @rkive/Instagram

One thoughtful gesture for RM’s birthday came from a local Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble has over 600 bookstores throughout the United States, and a location in Waterbury, Connecticut, set up a display in their store to celebrate RM’s birthday.

The team at the Waterbury store set up “Namjoon’s Library,” described as “a selection of books read and inspired by RM of BTS,” which features a collection of many award-winning Asian authors.

Among the books included are Won Pyung Sohn‘s AlmondKyung Sook Shin‘s Please Look After MomHan Kang‘s Human ActsKen Liu‘s The Paper MenagerieAe Ran Kim‘s My Brilliant LifeMin Jin Lee‘s PachinkoTed Chiang‘s Story Of Your Life and ExhalationAlbert Camus‘ The Stranger and The PlagueHaruki Murakami‘s Kafka on the Shore, and many more.

The thoughtful display resonated with fans who appreciated the kind gesture and wished the collection was displayed in their own local bookstore.

In addition to “Namjoon’s Library” being on display, the Waterbury Barnes & Noble is also exclusively running a sale on his favorite books for the next seven days.

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