Rookie National Basketball Player Goes Viral For His Handsome Actor-Like Visuals

Netizens think he resembles Seo Kang Joon!

A newly recruited Korean basketball player has taken over numerous online communities with his handsome looks and built physique. Yeo Jun Seok made his national debut with the South Korean Men’s National Basketball team earlier today and he has been making headlines all over the nation for his visuals.

Basketball player Yeo Jun Seok | theqoo

Yeo Jun Seok was born in 2002, making him just 21-years-old this year. While he may be young, the basketball player has also been impressing fans with his incredible skills, as he earned himself the nickname, “basketball monster.”

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And while Yeo Jun Seok impressed with his national debut basketball game during the 2021 Asia Cup Qualifiers, he garnered some hot attention from netizens for his good looking visuals and toned physique.

Netizens also couldn’t help but gush over his eyes, which they believe resemble actor Seo Kang Joon. What a compliment!

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The comment section of an online community erupted into chaos as netizens began to pour out their sudden love confessions for Yeo Jun Seok and his noticeably eerie resemblance to Seo Kang Joon.

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  • “He is so handsome.”
  • “He really does have Seo Kang Joon vibes.”
  • “He has everything. Visuals, height, young age, and talent. He’s probably so popular.”
  • “Wow, he has that face and with a physique that’s over 6ft tall? He’s just a celestial being.”
  • “Whoa, I get a feeling people told him to be a celebrity a lot when he was growing up.”
  • “Wow he’s amazing. He has that face and he’s a national player?”
  • “It’s Seo Kang Joon playing basketball.”
  • “He really have Seo Kang Joon vibes.”
  • “Wow, he seriously looks like Seo Kang Joon.”
Yeo Jun Seok (left) with his teammate (right) | theqoo

Some people truly have it all and Yeo Jun Seok may just be one of them! You can check out a short clip of Yeo Jun Seok at his debut national basketball game down below.

Source: theqoo