Shinsadong Tiger reassures fans that BEAST will be able to perform their own songs

Shinsadong Tiger, a producer that has closely collaborated with BEAST, says that, with some conditions, the group will be able to use their old songs. 

When BEAST decided to create their own label, many fans were concerned that BEAST would no longer be able to perform the songs that had made them famous. Even BEAST’s group name seemed to be in jeopardy since the intellectual property rights for the songs and group name belong to Cube Entertainment.

Shinsadong Tiger has now released a statement assuring fans that BEAST will still be able to promote their old tracks. A post on his personal Instagram account showed his support for the group’s next step. He also included a “Good Luck” photo on his post. Good Luck is the official name for BEAST’s independent label, as well as one of their past hits.

He stated that it’s a common misunderstanding to assume that the company owned all the copyrights for an artist’s projects. BEAST will be able to use the tracks once they are rearranged.

데뷔때 함께한 #비스트 가 새로운 회사에서 다시 출발을 한다 하네요^^. 워낙 똑똑한 애들이라서, 어디서든 잘할거라 밉습니다~~~ 참고로 언론에 보도된 음악을 사용 하지 못한다는건, 인접저작권으로 유형으로 발표된 우리가 듣는 음악 이고 무형의 지적재산권은 저작권자들에게 있습니다. 일부 표현에서 모든 저작권이 회사에 있다고 오해할 수 있어서요^^. 새롭게 편곡을 하면 노래를 사용할 수 있으니 혹시나 비스트 팬 여러분들은 너무 걱정 마세요^^ #비스트 #굿럭

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Translation: “#BEAST who I was with at debut is now starting afresh at a new agency ^^.  Since they are smart kids, I believe they will do well wherever they are~~~ Regarding the report that they cannot use their music, this is in regards to the music that we listen to that was released under neighboring rights. Intellectual property rights remain under the copyright owners. Some of the wording may lead to the misunderstanding that all copyrights are the agency’s ^^. It is possible to use the songs if they are newly arranged so BEAST fans don’t worry too much ^^ #BEAST #goodluck”

BEAST worked with Shinsadong Tiger for their hit tracks, “Fiction”, “Beautiful”, “Shock”, and more. At present, the group has moved forward to establishing their own label after their contract with Cube Entertainment ended last month.