BEAST talks about relationships and entering the army

In a recent interview, BEAST discussed issues that many fans would be curious about: entering the army and finding their life partners.

BEAST had recently celebrated their 5th year anniversary in the music industry, making a comeback with new mini-album TIME as a special gift to thank their fans for their support. The group has concluded promotions for the album with title track “12:30,” after successfully claiming numerous trophies on music shows. As 5 years of popularity is a great milestone achieved for any K-Pop group, BEAST had received a series of interviews, asking them about their future plans.

It was belatedly revealed through Korean news site TVReport that BEAST had also addressed the questions about military service and their progress in finding their other halves.

BEAST expressed, “The event that divides BEAST would probably be the time when our members join the army. Although there are no specific plans for that yet, once we receive the country’s calling we will immediately respond to it. In the past, the youngest member Son Dongwoon said that he would enlist by himself when he releases a solo album and when it reaches its peak after being a hit. If that did not work out, he would enter the military service together with the older members. Now we have changed our goal to joining the army together.

They then continued, “Marriage is still like a dream to us; that is not a realistic plan for us yet. For the time being, we don’t have any plans for dating too,” ending their statements with laughter.

Meanwhile, actor Yoo Seung Ho has gained much attention after having recently completed his compulsory 2 years of military service.

Source: TVReport