Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Claps Back At Xenophobic And Racist Comment On Instagram

Michelle wasn’t going to let it slide.

Beauty Guru Michelle Phan, who made a triumphant return to YouTube last September after taking a two-year hiatus, is arguably considered to be one of the nicest social influencers around.

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When Michelle posted a video of her picking up a case of Spam with the caption “My mom texted me to stock up on some survival foods. Ok.“, she probably didn’t expect to be spammed (no pun intended) with racist comments regarding the coronavirus, such as, “Well, it beats bat soup…

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My Mom texted me to stock up on some survival food. Ok.

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One commenter left a particularly xenophobic comment that Michelle simply wasn’t going to let slide. The commenter said: “Why do you Asians eat creatures left right and centre???? Dead or alive… all body parts!!!!!! That’s why your starting all sorts of diseases!!!!

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Michelle, who isn’t afraid to call out bad behavior, clapped back with: “Why do you settlers give out smallpox infected blankets to Native Americans, wiping out 95% of their population?

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It seems that many of Michelle’s followers agree with her sentiments, as at the time of writing her reply has over 10,000 likes.

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Posts have been circulating around the Internet reminding others that the coronavirus is not an excuse to be xenophobic or racist against Asians, but it seems some of the commenters on Michelle’s post may have missed the message!