Humble Becky G Gives J-Hope All The Credit For The Successful CNS Collaboration

“He was the one that found me.”

In a recent interview with Variety, Becky G discussed her collaboration with BTS‘s J-Hope and what it meant for her personally and for her career. ARMYs, upon reading Becky G’s interview, have been praising her “sincerity and humbleness” shown in the responses.


The interview asked Becky G to explain how the viral “Chicken Noodle Soup” happened. She straight-forwardly commented that “all the credit [goes] to J-Hope” for the sensational collaboration.

I will give all the credit to J-Hope on this. He was the one that found me; He had the song; He had been wanting to release it before he had even brought it to me and my team.

— Becky G


Becky G then compared what is happening in the music industry with both Latin and Korean music being on the rise. She pointed out, as “music is a universal language”, it only makes sense that such collaborations become so significant and successful.

Being a part of this whole Latin movement, it’s very similar to what’s happening with K-Pop. It’s taking over, and it’s a movement that is really showing the world that music is a universal language.

— Becky G


Like Becky G said, J-Hope and she have truly broken the internet and are “taking over” the world with their catchy “Chicken Noodle Soup”. The song continues to set new records and trend as one of the trendiest tracks at the moment!

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Here’s J-Hope’s chicken noodle soup, served with Becky G on the side:

Source: Variety