Behind The Scenes Footage Of Han So Hee Recording Narrations For “Nevertheless” Proves Her Acting Skills Are Just As Great Offscreen As Onscreen

She’s such a great actress!

Actress Han So Hee has been making headlines as the star of JTBC‘s hit K-Drama, Nevertheless, and a recent behind the scenes video proves she’s just as great of a voice actress as she is a K-Drama actress!

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

In a behind the scenes video on JTBC Drama‘s YouTube channel, fans get a chance to see Han So Hee record the narrations for Nevertheless.

| JTBC Drama/YouTube

In the video, we see Han So Hee read her lines in different tones of voice to make sure she perfectly matches the vibe of each scene.

“Okay. I’m going to put up the wall between us from now on.” | JTBC Drama/YouTube

As she records the narrations, Han So Hee watches scenes from the K-Drama. She reacts to what she sees and even says watching her character, Yoo Na Bi, struggle with her feelings for Park Jae Eon(Song Kang)is frustrating.

“Looking at Na Bi is frustrating. Ugh, come on. Na Bi is so frustrating.” | JTBC Drama/YouTube

Like a total pro, Han So Hee moves past her own feelings and dives into Yoo Na Bi’s character anyway to make sure the narrations are perfect.

“I want to keep feeling excited, but…I keep getting more nervous.” | JTBC Drama/YouTube

Han So Hee’s hard work in the vocal booth paid off, and fans love how her narrations give them a glimpse into how Yoo Na Bi is feeling.

Clearly, Han So Hee puts as much thought into her narrations as she does into her acting performances!

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Check out the full behind the scenes clip below.


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