Steamy Kiss Scene From “Nevertheless” Makes Headlines For Song Kang’s “Naughty Hands”

The K-Drama is 19+ for a reason!

JTBC‘s Nevertheless featuring Song Kang and Han So Hee has been making headlines for its 19+ content. The K-Drama recently released a behind-the-scenes making video for all of the series’ fans, and the particular clip featured an intense kiss scene from one of the episodes. And while kiss scenes are seen frequently in K-Dramas, this one has garnered hot attention — for its hotness.

Poster for “Nevertheless” with Han So Hee (left) and Song Kang (right) | JTBC

The reason? It’s because the kiss that was shared between the two main leads of the series was not just a short little peck that K-Drama fans may be used to, but rather a deep, long kiss.

Behind-the-scenes clip from “Nevertheless” | Naver TV

Let’s be real, the steamy kiss alone was probably enough to make headlines on its own, but it was the following addition to the kiss that completely wreaked havoc. During the behind-the-scenes clip, actor Song Kang can be seen with “naughty hands” on Han So Hee’s sides. And while we know that everything, including his hand placements were probably written into the script, it just amplified the steamy kiss scene so much more.

Behind-the-scenes clip from “Nevertheless” | Naver TV

Naturally, Korean netizens had a lot to say about this intimate behind-the-scenes clip between the two actors.

| Naver TV
  • “Someone tie Song Kang’s hands.”
  • “I wish they would date.”
  • “Aren’t Song Kang’s hands ‘naughty hands?'”
  • “At the end when you see their face reflection on the black screen, my mind went blank. Does the world exist only for them.”
  • “Kang-ah, I’m back.”
  • “Song Kang is so handsome he makes my heart flutter.”
  • “Han So Hee looks like a literal doll…she looks that pretty through a screen so I can only imagine how pretty she’d be in real life. Song Kang has unrealistic visuals. Looking at the two’s visuals from my perspective is fascinating.”

It’s probably safe to say that everyone now understands why this K-Drama received a 19+ rating! You can check out the clip in question down below.

Source: WikiTree

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