Behind The Scenes Footage Of BTS J-Hope From “Under 19” Has Everyone Wishing Hobi Was Our Teacher

J-Hope shows us more reasons why we all want him to be our teacher.

BTS J-Hope’s appearance on the survival show Under 19 is the gift that keeps on giving.

We know what kind of teacher J-Hope is and that he can be stern with his students sometimes.

7 “Teacher Hobi” Moments From Under Nineteen

What we didn’t know is just how generous of a teacher J-Hope is. In a behind the scenes look at J-Hope’s appearance on the show, we see what he is willing to do to make his trainees happy.

First of all, he brought a lot more snacks that we initially thought. All that food must have cost him a fortune.

Including some delightful looking rice cakes, J-Hope definitely makes sure his trainees are well fed.

One of his students had an interesting request, he wanted an autograph from his famous teacher.

J-Hope was happy to oblige but everyone wanted in on the action. His “teacher” image then emerged as he told them to form an orderly line.

Needless to say, the trainees were absolutely thrilled with their autographs. It’s an experience they’ll remember forever.

J-Hope wished them well and allowed them to enjoy the food he had brought for him. The trainees were truly touched by the experience:

“Let’s make it and we won’t disappoint him. Let’s not sleep but just practice”
“I wanted to cry but I tried not to”
“When in middle school, I went to BTS’s concert. I was just 100 metres away from the stage, I cried then”
“Did you get footage of me shaking his hand?”

BTS has become an inspiration for aspiring idols, they prove that you can make it no matter the adversity you face.

You can watch the full behind the scenes footage translated here: