7 Behind The Scenes Photos From BTS’s New “ON” Music Video

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of “ON”.

BTS just released their dystopian masterpiece, “ON”, and it is breathtaking! Check out these behind the scenes photos, snapped on the set of their new music video.

1. Jimin’s battle outfit

Jimin posted this photo of himself on the set of “ON”. He wears this gem-studded sweater during BTS’s dance battle scene. Behind him, a dystopian amphitheater can be seen, along with an unlit torch.

2. RM and “Seokjwinssi”

In this Twitter photo, RM poses with an alpaca on his shipwreck solo set. He captioned it, “seokjwinssi look here”, punning Jin‘s real name (Seokjin). Jin loves alpacas!

3. Another photo of RM with Jin’s spirit animal

4. “ON” MV director YongSeok Choi (Lumpens) and crew: part 1…

5. …and part 2

6. The battleground

This behind the scenes photo looks more like a still from an Oscar-winning movie!

7. Behold the sorcerors who helped bring “ON’s” magic to life: the camera crew

For more, put your theorist hat “ON” and check out these intricate clues, hints, and references.

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