The Journalist Who Took The Photos Of Kim Yuna And Ko Woo Rim Describes What The Couple Was Like Off-Camera

“The vibe the couple was giving off was extremely tender…”

Kim Yuna, also known as Queen Yuna, and Lord Yuna, shocked fans when it was revealed that she was dating singer Ko Woo Rim.

Kim Yuna (left) and Ko Woo Rim (right) |

The news brought jubilation to many and broke the hearts of many more when further news revealed she would be getting married to the singer in October.

Pictures of the two on a date were released on July 25 in an exclusive report by The Fact.

On July 28, The journalist who took the now famous pictures of the two lovers appeared on KBS‘s Entertainment Company Live to share the story behind the picture.


Kang Il Hong, a photojournalist for news outlet The Fact, stated he spotted the couple on a faithful day while investigating the rumors of an impending marriage.

Kang Il Hong | KBS

The journalist revealed the couple’s dating patterns.

The two usually dated inside a car or at their homes. On the 23rd, the two met a little before noon at a movie theatre in Shinsa-Dong.

— Kang Il Hong

The journalist also described the couple’s atmosphere while on their date.

He dropped her off at her home at around 1 AM. The vibe the couple was giving off was extremely tender. Whenever she would get in and out of the car, he would shield her with an umbrella and was attentive to her as if she was a queen. It was very sweet to watch.

— Kang Il Hong

According to Kim Yuna’s management, the couple will be getting married in October. The two are said to have met in 2018 when Ko Woo Rim’s group Forestella was a guest singer on Kim Yuna’s ice show.

Kim Yuna is one of Korea’s most beloved figures. The former figure skater is a former winner of the 2010 Olympics gold medal and a controversial silver medal in the 2014 Olympics.

Ko Woo Rim is a singer and part of the vocal quartet, Forestella and is five years younger than Kim Yuna. Want to learn more about Ko Woo Rim? Go on and click the link below to learn more!

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