All You Need To Know About Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna’s Future Husband, Forestella’s Ko Woo Rim

Wishing the two of them a happy marriage!

It was recently announced that figure skating queen, Kim Yuna, will be getting married in October 2022. Her husband-to-be is singer Ko Woo Rim, whom she met at a congratulatory show in 2018. As Kim Yuna is one of the most revered public figures and athletes in South Korea, all eyes are on Ko Woo Rim currently. Just who is the lucky man that managed to snag the heart of the queen? Here’s all you need to know about Ko Woo Rim.

1. He’s younger than her

Kim Yuna was born in 1990, while Ko Woo Rim was born in 1995. She’s 5 years older than him but absolutely doesn’t look like it! Her last public boyfriend was hockey player Kim Won Joong, who was 6 years older than Kim Yuna. Seems like age is just a number for the lovestruck ice queen.

Ko Woo Rim. | @official.kowoorim/Instagram

2. He’s a singer

He’s part of the vocal quartet, Forestella. Forestella comes from the words for forest and star, as they aim to deliver sparkling and calming music to people. Their genre is crossover, and Ko Woo Rim takes charge of the bass vocals. The group was formed through reality singing competition, Phantom Singer 2, in 2017. Forestella won first place and made their debut on March 14, 2018.

3. He has an amazing background

Did you know that Ko Woo Rim attended the prestigious Seoul National University? He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from their music school, majoring in vocals. He’s currently attending their masters’ program.

| @woorim_ko/Instagram

4. He may have named his dog after them

He named his pomeranian Yunwoo, which fans suspect is a portmanteau of his and Kim Yuna’s names.

Yunwoo. | @woorim_ko/Instagram

5. He’s highly accoladed

Ko Woo Rim has won a total of 6 awards in various vocal competitions between 2014 and 2017. Out of the 6, he placed 1st in the Sungjung 23rd National Vocal Competition in 2014, topping the high school category.

6. His family and hometown

He was raised in Daegu city but later moved to Seoul to pursue his dreams. He also lived in Busan for around 3 years in his childhood as his father had to move there for work. His father is a pastor and his family is Protestant.

| @woorim_ko/Instagram

Not much else is known about the singer for he tends to keep his life private and is not as exposed to the public as idol celebrities. Wishing Ko Woo Rim and Kim Yuna a happy marriage!

Source: Namuwiki