Kim Yuna And Ko Woo Rim Announce They Will Be Getting Married In October

Congratulations to the couple!!

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna and Forestella member Ko Woo Rim have announced they will be getting married in October.

In a statement sent to various media outlets including Newsen, Ko Woo Rim’s agency Beat Interactive confirmed the couple’s relationship and that they will be getting married in October.

Hello, this is Beat Interactive.

We have good news today about our artist. Ko Woo Rim will marry ‘figure skating queen’ Kim Yuna in October.

The wedding will be held in private with close relatives and acquaintances so we ask for your understanding that we will not share details about the specific wedding date or venue.

Ko Woo Rim and Kim Yuna met for the first time at the celebration performance of the All That Skate ice show in 2018 and after three years of dating, they have decided to get married.

Ko Woo Rim is a graduate of Seoul National University’s vocal department and member of crossover male quartet Forestella, which won JTBC’s Phantom Singer 2. He has met the public through albums, performances, and broadcast stages with his heavy yet soft and charming voice, singing skills, and romantic sensibility.

Even after his marriage, Ko Woo Rim will continue to be active in Forestella. Please send a lot of love to support Ko Woo Rim’s activities as he will show a more mature appearance as part of a family.

— Beat Interactive

Earlier, it was reported that the two were dating since December 2021.

Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna Is Reportedly Dating Singer Ko Woo Rim, Rumored To Be Getting Married

Source: Newsen