Believe It Or Not, Actress Kim So Yeon Rocked An Affordable H&M Dress In “Penthouse”

The wealthy Cheon Seo Jin rocking H&M???

The record-breaking SBS drama, Penthouse has just wrapped up its second season with jaw-dropping viewership ratings, and in light of all the buzz, a surprising dress actress Kim So Yeon rocked in the first season is gaining attention.

Kim So Yeon plays the rich and famous opera singer, Cheon Seo Jin, but many are surprised to find out that she rocked an affordable H&M dress and made it look like luxury.

In the first season, Cheon Seo Jin defended her daughter while wearing a gorgeous pink dress.

But believe it or not, this dress can actually be purchased at H&M for an unbelievably affordable price!

| H&M

According to the official H&M website, the dress was originally on sale for ₩80,000 KRW (about $71.10 USD), but it was then marked down to ₩24,000 KRW (about $21.30 USD)!

| H&M

This is contrasting to how expensive Kim So Yeon made the dress look with her classy visuals.

As Kim So Yeon clearly exhibited, it’s really not about the price!

Source: Insight