Belift Lab Accuses NewJeans Of Plagiarizing BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment Creative Director Jumps In

He denied their claims.

On June 11, 2024, Belift Lab published a YouTube video to debunk claims of plagiarism made against them and ILLIT. In the video, they went on to accuse NewJeans of plagiarizing many other groups, some including NMIXX, Jeans, and more. In particular, they also accused NewJeans of plagiarizing BLACKPINK‘s tennis skirt and uniform concept.

They provided these two photos as a comparison, claiming that NewJeans had also copied BLACKPINK’s outfits.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 4.42.36 AM

In response to this, a former creative director at YG Entertainment, who had been in the company during the conception and rookie era of BLACKPINK, stepped forward. He posted a screenshot of the accusation on his Instagram story, along with the caption “totally different.”


In addition to this, some fans have pointed out that tennis skirts in K-Pop had actually been popularized by f(x) during the Pink Tape era. Pink Tape was famously directed by Min Hee Jin herself, who went on to direct NewJeans.

Wth is Belif Lab… They’re trying to claim that NewJeans copied BLACKPINK for their tennis skirts, but f(x) made them trendy in 2013 and Min Hee Jin was the director behind it.


Not only did Belift Lab make a wild stab at accusing NewJeans of plagiarizing BLACKPINK, their claims have also been denounced by the creative director behind BLACKPINK himself. You can read more of their other claims below.

BELIFT LAB Makes Desperate Attempt At Clearing ILLIT’s Plagiarism Allegations And Attacks NewJeans In “Bizarre” Video



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