BELIFT LAB Releases Teaser Images For Their New Survival Show, But Netizens Are Clowning On The Strange Wording

“Instructions unclear, became Donald Trump.”

Since ENHYPEN was formed through the survival show I-LAND, K-Pop fans have been wondering when their label BELIFT LAB would air a female version of the show in order to make a sister group for them.

And recently, it was announced that such a show, titled R U Next?, had begun filming on June 1. This comes three years after I-LAND first aired, and will consist of 10 episodes that will begin airing on June 30.

The producers of the show also shared that it will take a different approach than I-LAND, with a total of seven competition rounds that each revolve around a different theme: Potential, expression, genre adaptability, professionalism, distinctness, creativity, and star quality.

With the show set to air soon, BELIFT LAB released teaser images to get netizens excited for R U Next?. In the three photos, a group of girls is seen running away from the camera in various settings. Overlaid over two of the images are the words “BE THE ONE” and “BE THE NEXT”.

The third image, however, has people scratching their heads in confusion. The photo itself is similar to the other two, but the words “BE THE ORANGE” are baffling netizens about what they could possibly mean.

The teaser images were shared on an online forum post, where netizens are expressing their confusion over the strange wording in both serious and silly ways.

Hopefully the words “BE THE ORANGE” will be better clarified sometime soon! Either way, be sure to tune in to R U Next? when it premieres on JTBC in Korea and Abema TV in Japan on June 30.

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa