BELIFT LAB Staff Comes Under Fire For Allegedly Hitting ENHYPEN’s Sunoo

Netizens want a statement regarding the incident from BELIFT LAB!

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This article includes descriptions of bullying and violence that may disturb some readers.

K-Pop idols have busy schedules that take them away for long periods of time. Along with their members, the staff they work with become like a second family. While many are praised for their bond with the idols, their behavior can also be criticized if deemed “inappropriate.”

Recently, a member of staff working with ENHYPEN has come under fire after her behavior towards member Sunoo.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo | @enhypen/Instagram

On January 15, ENHYPEN made history as the first male K-Pop group to attend an overseas fashion show together for PRADA.

The members of ENHYPEN at Fashion Week | @ENHYPEN/Twitter
| @PRADA/Twitter

The members of ENHYPEN received praise for their visuals and interactions throughout the event. However, one video is gaining attention from netizens, and it shows a staff member’s behavior towards member Sunoo.

In the clip that was shared online, Sunoo was waving at fans as he was walking with the other members, staff, and security.

| @changfIower/Twitter 

While Sunoo was walking, one of the female staff members walking behind the idol was seen hitting his back with what looked like a closed fist.

| @changfIower/Twitter

When the video was posted, netizens in the comments had different views about the situation. Many fans shared their concerns about the actions of the staff, stating that Sunoo didn’t deserve the reaction for greeting fans.

Although some fans pointed out that the action could’ve been done playfully, netizens pointed out that it was unprofessional for her to do it in public, especially at such a huge event like Fashion Week.

In particular, even if they had a close bond, doing something like that was likely to be misinterpreted, even if it wasn’t done negatively.

Others shared that as it was only a short clip without context, it was not right to make any assumptions and, rather than sending hate to the staff, to wait for a statement about the situation.

In the video, Sunoo didn’t appear to have done anything wrong by interacting with fans, and fans are not blaming him for anything that happened. Instead, the criticism is towards the staff who seemingly hit the idol, which is never right in any situation.

BELIFT LAB has yet to respond to the video and criticisms from fans.

Source: @changfIower

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