Beloved Couple Regretfully Announces The Miscarriage Of Their Second Child

Our condolences to the family.

Popular TV personality couple Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young have sadly shared the news of the miscarriage of their second child.

In a post shared on her personal Instagram, Kim So Young shared the news of the miscarriage of the couple’s second child.


Last month, the baby in my stomach suddenly left us.

Many people on the street were happily asking me when the due date was since it was almost the end of my pregnancy, but many others were wondering even though it is a personal issue. I thought I should calm myself down and let you know when the time was right.

We may have been separated too soon but I hope to be meet again someday. The three of us will continue to love each other and get along with each other well.

Thank you for reading this.

— Kim So Young

Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young got married in 2017 and gave birth to their first daughter in 2019. Oh Sang Jin made his name known first in 2006 as a well-known critic of MBC. He also transitioned to acting, appearing in My Love from the Star and How Are U Bread. Kim So Young is a popular radio hose and former MBC announcer. The two have also appearend on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny.

Oh Sang Jin in My Love from the Star as Yoo Seok, Yoo Semi’s (Yoo In Na) older brother. | SBS