K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Cancels Live Broadcast After Suffering An Attack In New York

This isn’t the first time he has been jumped and assaulted.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Fans are concerned for K-Pop trainee Beomhan after he suffered an attack in New York City.

Beomhan | @mont_arena/Instagram

Beomhan is a Chinese American trainee rapper and dancer under FM Entertainment (also known as Fly Music Entertainment). He is a member of the pre-debut group called M.O.N.T Arena.

FM Entertainment

While he has not officially made his debut yet, you may already know Beomhan as he often tours the United States with soloist Jay Chang and both are active on social media. They frequent K-Pop festivals and events, working as baristas and servers, as well as performing as part of last year’s Kpop Rookie Trainee Show.

Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan (right).

They also frequently host live broadcasts via TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram. Unfortunately, Beomhan had to cancel the previously scheduled one for this evening after being jumped and assaulted.

While visiting with family in New York, he still has been hosting live broadcasts. But Beomhan shared via his M.O.N.T Arena Instagram that the live for tonight would not be held but promised to see fans on Friday. He explained that he “got New Yorked again.” Fans knew what this meant immediately, especially as he showed an extreme close-up of bruises on his face.


This isn’t the first time Beomhan has been attacked in New York. Earlier this year, he recounted the experience, which was clearly both racist and homophobic, as he was also called slurs. Fans believe the recent attack was also a hate crime.

Fans are expressing concern for Beomhan as he has had two similar scary experiences while on New York trips. Even more heartbreaking is that he actually lived in New York for years before leaving to become a trainee, so it’s the case that he is attacked when he returns to his hometown.

Unlike last time, the staff was absent since he was with family. Fans are divided as some feel that Beomhan should always have staff present protecting him, while many recognize that that doesn’t guarantee protection. It is no one’s fault but the assailant’s.

Fans are doing their part to encourage Beomhan after the recent attack by hosting a letter project. So, he knows he is loved.

We send our love to Beomhan and wish him health and safety always.

Read more about the previous attack below.

K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Assaulted And Called Slurs In New York City

Source: mont_arena

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