Beomhan Shares An Update After FM Entertainment’s “Harsh” Contract Termination Statement

His update came just hours after FM Entertainment’s notice.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

K-Pop Trainee Beomhan recently shared an update after his contract termination was announced.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Over the last couple of years, Beomhan has built up a fanbase through his many live broadcasts on various apps, including TikTok, where he has over 2.6 million followers. Many became familiar with the trainee through his appearances at pop-up events alongside Jay Chang.

Beomhan and Jay Chang (right) | @jaychang63/Instagram

During the live streams, Beomhan would be very open and honest with fans about everything, including his mental health. In addition to discussing a suicide attempt and revealing his self-harm, he also spoke about his less-than-ideal alleged living conditions and treatment by the company.

K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Reveals His Self Harming And Shares Worrying Information During A Live Broadcast

On September 5, FM Entertainment announced they would terminate Beomhan’s contract in a statement that many found “aggressive.” The company claimed that Beomhan allegedly spread misinformation during live broadcasts, contributing to stress for staff and fans.

| FM Entertainment

While many were glad to see him leave the company, some were concerned with his feelings after this announcement. Thankfully, fans did not have to wait long for an update from Beomhan.

A few hours later, Beomhan shared two photos on his Instagram account with a caption directly addressing fans. After saying he and his fans probably felt the same confusion and frustration, he asked for continued support for his goal.

| @beomhanfm/Instagram
| @beomhanfm/Instagram

Thank you guys for your continuous support this whole time. I’m sure we’re all feeling the same emotions of confusion and frustration. Please continue to support me and my activities in the future. Our goal hasn’t change. I love you guys so much~ Tiger Cubs Forever.

— Beomhan

Fans have sent an outpouring of support to the artist, assuring him they will be on his side in the future.

| @beomhanfm/Instagram

We wish him the best in his future endeavors!