Berry Good’s Johyun Clarifies Her Previous Statement On The Group’s Current Status

Berry Good continues on!

On March 19, Berry Good’s Johyun participated in an interview for her upcoming movie Hypnosis. In the interview, she was asked to rate her acting, to which she replied with “5 points“. She explained her answer by saying, “I’ve stopped doing idol promotions, but I don’t want to give up on the path to becoming an actor. I’m reading and studying in order to improve my acting, so I want to compliment myself on that.

Right now, the members’ contract periods have ended. I don’t know if there are plans to promote as a group. I’m preparing to go solo and I think that I will still promote as a singer.


| @____jjjjohyuns/Instagram

Her above statement, elaborating on her comment “I’ve stopped doing idol promotions,” made fans believe that the group was disbanding. Fans were already on edge due to Gowoon and Seoyul leaving the group in February, leaving only 3 members.

Berry Good’s agency, JTG Entertainment, denied that Berry Good was disbanding and said, “The group intends to keep working in multiple areas. Johyun has some time left on her contract and is promoting as both an actor and a singer. She is flourishing in her career as an entertainer. The group is not disbanding.

Berry Good’s Sehyung also soon uploaded an Instagram post in which she showed herself golfing and said, “Very Berry, don’t worry, and have a happy day!

On March 20, Johyun clarified her comments in a lengthy Instagram post:

First, in regard to the news report, I think that I misunderstood the question’s point before I replied, so I want to set things right and give a concrete explanation.

I meant to explain that because I am currently doing more solo promotions than idol promotions, I intend to keep working hard on solo promotions. I think that I expressed myself badly, so I apologize to the reporters.

Furthermore, I think that there have been some mistaken reports about our contracts, so I want to clarify this. I meant to say that two of the members had left the group after their contracts expired, and I sincerely apologize for misspeaking and saying that Berry Good’s contract has expired instead. JTG Entertainment and I have a good relationship and we are working hard together and we will continue to show active promotions in future.


Berry Good debuted as a five-member girl group in 2014 with the album Love Letter. Since then, the group has gone through many lineup changes, resulting in 3 members, with one (Daye) on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

Source: Sports Chosun