Berry Good Johyun’s Agency Reveals The Real Reason Why She Wore Her “Controversial” Cosplay Outfit

Her agency explained it all.

Berry Good‘s Johyun recently became a hot topic as netizens were split on her cosplay outfit for Gamedolympic 2019: Golden Card. She wore a sexy-yet-cute outfit to replicate Ahri from the game “League Of Legends”.


Some netizens thought it was too revealing, while others complimented her ability to transform into the character perfectly.


As a response to the backlash, her agency explained that the outfit was given to her by the program’s organizers. As a fellow gamer who enjoys the game, she simply wanted to fit in well with the theme.

We discussed it first with the organizers of the ‘Gamedolympic 2019: Golden Card’ program. In order to perfect her cosplay, the organizers prepared the outfit for her and she wore it.

Johyun loves to game on a regular basis and wanted to communicate with other gamers. She plans on meeting many of her fans through the program in the future.

— JTG Entertainment


They also shut down any malicious rumors that she wore the revealing outfit for attention.

She didn’t wear the outfit to be purposefully revealing. She was only trying to replicate the character.

We ask that you refrain from interpreting it in the wrong way.

— JTG Entertainment


No matter what haters may say, Johyun looked stunning in her outfit as she herself looked to be enjoying the event!

Source: Star Today and inews24