Berry Good’s Johyun Questions If Anyone Would Have Liked Her If She Wasn’t Sexy

She opened up about her sexy image.

Berry Good‘s Johyun made an appearance on the YouTube channel, Idol Olympics where she opened up about her sexy image.

Despite what many might think, Johyun confessed that she’s not the outgoing type at home and that when she first made her appearance on SNL Korea, she discovered a new side of herself.

I looked pretty eye-grabbing on the show, didn’t I? But many people cheered me on and viewed me favorably.

— Johyun

Johyun also revealed the story behind how she ended up making her famous appearance in a League of Legends costume.

Someone from the event asked us if any of us could dress up in a costume for it. And I said I liked League of Legends, so I ended up going.

— Johyun

Such appearances ultimately gave Johyun a sexy image among the public, and she shared her honest feelings about it.

I’m just thankful people like me for that reason.

— Johyun

But she did express worry regarding whether or not people would’ve liked her if she wasn’t sexy.

Would people have liked me if I wasn’t sexy?

— Johyun

Furthermore, Johyun revealed that she gets insight into what male fans like from her younger brother.

He monitors them for me. He tells me what they like and what they don’t like about me.

— Johyun

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch