Here Are The Best 20 K-Pop Artists And Songs Of 2021, Chosen By Koreans

Did your favorite artist or song get chosen?

Gallup Korea has released their latest poll surveying citizens of all ages, asking who they believed was the best artist of this year and what the best song of the year was.

A total of 2,401 individuals under the age of 40 were surveyed, and each individual had to select the best artist and the best song of 2021.

Artist of the Year

20. Jang Beom June

18 (tie). Jung Dong Won

18 (tie). Jo Jung Suk

16 (tie). MSG Wannabe

16 (tie). Paul Kim

15. Young Tak

14. Heize

13 (tie). Red Velvet

13 (tie). OH MY GIRL

11. SG Wannabe

10. Brave Girls

8 (tie). AKMU

8 (tie). Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


6. aespa

5. Lim Young Woong

4. Lee Mu Jin


2. IU

1. BTS

Song of the Year

Only the top 10 songs were disclosed by Gallup.

10. IU “Through the Night”

8 (tie). MSG Wannabe “Foolish Love”

8 (tie). BTS “Permission to Dance”

7. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon “Weekend”

6. aespa “Next Level”

5. AKMU with IU “NAKKA”

4. Lee Mu Jin “Traffic Light”


2. BTS “Dynamite”

1. BTS “Butter”

Source: Gallup