Here’s The “Best” Idol Makeup Trend Right Now—And How You Can Do It Yourself

As shown by a professional makeup artist.

Makeup trends in the K-Pop industry come and go, but some are so unique and breathtaking that they’re likely to stay for a very long time—this is one of them!

Doy and Inha from the well-known beauty salon Jennyhouse featured on a recent AYO Comment Defenders video.

Some of the K-Pop groups they worked with in the past are SEVENTEEN, IOI, T-ARA, Wanna One, and AB6IX, among others.

When on the topic of makeup looks, a netizen brought up the “glitter ear” that Doy had done in the past for Ha Sungwoon, stating that “glitters on ears are the best“.

Doy shared that the idea was birthed when they were preparing for his comeback showcase.

The song ‘Blue’ had a vibe that glitters on the face and eyes didn’t match, so we put it on his ears at his comeback showcase.

— Doy

She then showed viewers how they can recreate the look. According to Doy, the first step is to prepare liquid glitter eyeliner.

Apply it on the ear. It will act as a glue that will adhere the glitters to the ear.

The third step is to mix liquid glitter with chunky nail art glitter and apply them to the ear.

Finally, to make it more visible on camera, draw a line on the edge of the ear with a colored pencil. Top it off with more liquid glitter…

…And you’re done! Will you try this fun look at home?

Source: AYO 에이요