Besties Jeon Somi And TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reunite For The “XOXO” Challenge

They’ve been friends for over 6 years!

It’s been a long road for Jeon Somi, but she’s finally reached the release of her first full-length solo album, XOXO. The title track of the same name is currently climbing the charts with no signs of stopping, and Somi’s friends are coming out to support her in droves.

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

One of the most significant pals to join the “XOXO” trend with Somi is TWICE‘s Chaeyoung.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The pair have been friends for more than seven years as they were both trainees under JYP Entertainment before appearing together on the survival show Sixteen, which would earn Chaeyoung her spot in TWICE.

They met up at Somi’s current company, THE BLACK LABEL, to perform the choreography for the song’s chorus.

Chaeyoung and Somi prove to be a perfect pair for the fun “teen crush” energy the song has.

Chaeyoung is currently preparing for TWICE’s upcoming comeback with their third full-length album, Formula Of Love: O+T=<3, but took time out of her busy schedule to learn Somi’s moves.

Chaeyoung | TWICE/Facebook

The choreography may have been easier to learn for Chaeyoung because both TWICE and Somi share a choreographer in YGX‘s Leejung Lee, who also participated in the “XOXO” challenge for Somi.

We can only hope that Chaeyoung’s appearance in Somi’s video will signal Somi’s appearance in whatever TWICE’s challenge will be for their title track, “Scientist.”

To see Somi and Chaeyoung’s full performance, check out the video below:

@somi_official_ JEON SOMI X CHAEYOUNG #XOXOCHALLENGE 우리 언니가 행복해한다면 24시간 허리 숙여줄수 있어 ❤️ 잠시나마 대왕딸기였던 딸기공쥬 🍓#전소미 #영 #와이스 #JEONSOMI#JEONSOMI_XOXO @twice_tiktok_official ♬ XOXO – 전소미